Mission Statement

Welcome to the Virtual Reality Pro League, where we prepare for the next evolution of professional VR Esports! Our mission is to provide a platform for elite gamers to showcase their abilities in intense VR battles, spanning from First-person shooters to strategy games and beyond. Powered by cutting-edge technology and immersive gameplay, we create an unparalleled experience that sets the stage for heart-pounding matches, fierce rivalries, and epic showdowns.

At the Virtual Reality Pro League, we believe in inclusivity and offer a platform to showcase both new and veteran player skill sets. Whether you're new to the scene or ready to embark on your own personal evolution in competitive Virtual Reality Esports, our league welcomes all who are passionate about this revolutionary medium.

Join us on this exhilarating journey and compete for glory in the world of the Virtual Reality Pro League. Together, let's shape the future of Esports and redefine what it means to be a professional gamer in the immersive world of virtual reality.


Code of Conduct

It is the intent of VRPL to consider the mental state of players when a violation is submitted. Sometimes things are on purpose, and other times things are an accident. No one is perfect at all. We will try and understand the intent of the action by mental states. Those mental states will be:

Intentional- **(a) A person acts intentionally, or with intent, the conduct to cause the result.**

Reckless- **(c) A person acts recklessly, or is reckless, aware of but consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur.**

Negligent- **(d) A person acts with negligence, or is negligent, when he/she ought to be aware of a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur.**

  1. Treat others with respect in game- Both official matches and Public lobbies, on social media, and at live events. Every player is expected to treat others with dignity and respect. Failure to do so will result in a penalty for the player. Don't take banter too far. Everyone PLEASE just treat each other with respect.

  2. Play fairly and within stated rules. Cheats, exploits, or hacks are forbidden in both league play and pubs. Reports of exploits should be done with player UID, and video evidence. All alternate accounts with a different UID must be registered (Quest version vs Steam version etc.) Exploits of any kind will carry a penalty for player and team.

  3. Discriminatory language, hate speech, harassment, bullying, doxing, threats or unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. Treating people differently based on the region they play from will also not be tolerated. We are a community of gamers who are passionate about the games we play.

  4. Please report any cheat, exploit or hack directly to the game developers (we do not make the games and cannot make changes-Mod maps used for league play can be corrected by our staff). Additionally report all league violations to our moderators or staff.

  5. Treating mods and referees poorly, swearing at them, or personal attacks will not be tolerated. There is not a single sport in the world where this is allowed. Be respectful and treat the staff with respect. THE STAFF WILL TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT AS WELL. If you feel staff is acting unprofessional please DM Astreus the issue in Discord and it will be moved to a private ticket and reviewed.

  6. You are responsible for your conduct and communications while using VRPL Discord, website, league matches etc.

  7. Captains you are responsible for your players. It’s not our job to babysit them. If you have a problematic player it is the leagues recommendation to fix the issue- or remove them from your team.

  8. As a league player, you are representative of the league, whether in a official match or in a public game, and as such the league code of conduct can apply to poor conduct outside of a league game.

  9. Clam slams, halo humping, tea-bagging, obnoxious waving, saying “F*ck you” etc after a kill etc. will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and receive point violations. Point violations will double in this category if they happen visually on live stream.

Exploit Rules

Complaints and in-game reports of teams or players breaking rules must be made by the Team Captain in the ticket complaints thread.

Any report of an exploit use which does not have clear and convincing proof as determined by refs/staff, but is sufficient enough to suspect possible foul play, will be treated as unsportsmanlike conduct.

Depending on the incident and to be as fair to both parties as possible, an initial warning carrying no penalty (in itself) will be issued to the offender detailing what they should actively refrain from doing, even if incidental unless case law resides and the incident is clearly defined by the league. Repeat incidents sufficient enough to invoke this again, even if incidental, will be treated as exploiting and punished accordingly. We believe this will help cases where there are large gray areas in interpretation of actions and intent. When possible, we will attempt to make known any exploits that fall in such gray areas. Clear cases of cheating or exploiting will always result in immediate and severe penalties.

Repeated “incidental” or “intentional” behavior by a single entity or player will stack a cumulative regardless if similar in nature. This will result in a penalty against the team. Once a team reaches 4 “minor” offenses in a single season, it can convert to a major offense resulting in a forfeit of weekly matches and point reductions.

Game 1. Team fails to record pov accidentally. Minor pints penalty assessed.
Game 3. Player directly attacks another player in discord. Minor points penalty assessed.
Game 7. Player tea-bags after kill during match. Minor points penalty assessed.
Game11. Team fails to record pov accidentally. Minor points penalty assessed.
4 minor = 1 major and FF of game 12 + loss of points.

There may be a cooldown on time before an appeal is allowed to be filed. Appeals will be heard, processed, and decided on within 7 days.

Player Eligibility

  1. All participants must be over 13 years of age.

  2. Players must be using a legally purchased, original version of the game.

  3. Players must be on the latest version of the game, unless directed otherwise by league staff.

  4. Players must have their in-game name registered in their user profile on the VRPL website and Discord. Discord will be utilized until website allows player registration. If a player name differs from their Discord username/in-game it must be registered, one game account per person is allowed to be used in the league unless the account names match eg. (Steam name: Astreus Quest name: Astreus). All alternate accounts with a different UID/names must be registered (Quest version vs Steam version etc.) Failure to add alternate accounts will result in penalties and loss of points on league table.

  5. Failure to meet basic eligibility rules but still participating will result in severe penalties, up to and including a permanent ban from the league.

  6. Any player found to have been banned by any other league for manipulation or exploitation of any game other than intended will not be eligible to register on a team. Appeals tickets may be submitted by the captain for review.

    6.a.   If a player is found to fall Into this category, the captain of the team should be aware of their players. If the player is not reported to league staff for review, the team as a whole will receive a 2 match forfeit and lose 6 additional points from their league table score.

    6.b.   A player who is allowed to compete after the appeals process will be placed on a probationary period of up to two seasons to ensure good conduct. During that period violations from said individual can carry higher level penalties then normal.

Admin Rules

  1. Players POV recording is required at minimum setting at the very least. POV is required to be available for review if needed for 7 days.

  2. Players are required to have a functional microphone and utilize in game chat unless directed otherwise by the league. Failure to verify voice and or person through speech will not be allowed.

  3. Casting/Spectating of any official VRPL match is only allowed through the VRPL authorized casters. Scrims are allowed to have separate casters who want to practice or observe if both teams agree to the spectating.

  4. Scores will be recorded from the cast. In case of casting issues, Team Captains will be requested to confirm match outcome with Screenshots.

  5. Substitutions are allowed throughout a match at Team’s discretion (unlimited).

  6. A team may include the name of 1 sponsor, but the sponsor must be an addition to the name and not the full team name.

  7. Any given sponsor is only allowed to be in 1 team name per game.

  8. Sponsor names are only allowed to the extent that they are not synonymous with a product.

  9. Team names are not allowed to be a deliberate attempt at copying someone else, be it another team, company, sponsor etc. Team Orginizations are allowed to have similar names.

  10. Players and Team Name, Logo, and Avatars- No obscene gamer names will be allowed or pfp images. We reserve the right to require a player or team name or updated Logo change. They should be appropriate and within the spirit of the league. As well as professional to further legitimize the VR esports space. League Staff can aid in Logo design at no cost to the captains.

  11. Players will be subject to a one week cool-down upon leaving an active team prior to being able to join another team within that same game. Players must be on a roster 24hrs prior to a league match unless authorized by league staff in case of emergency. Rosters will lock at the halfway point of the season. Should a player leave one team after roster lock they will not be allowed to join another team for the remainder of the season.

  12. Prizes are limited to 1 prize per competitor from the team that earned the prizes for that season. VRPL is offering large amounts of “Professional development” as prize pool. Should a team win multiple seasons they will only be eligible for cash prize pool. The “Professional development” kit will go to the next team. If a different team has already won the prize it will be passed down lower. This design is to develop the community and VR space to bring in more competitors, more teams, more sponsors, and further push the community into main stream. Trophy’s can be awarded for each season- you earned it and we want you to be proud of placement.

  13. KO championships tournaments will follow the same rules.

Scheduling Rules

  1. EST time will be used as the standard time zone for the league and scheduling.

  2. Teams are now required to have matches scheduled by Midnight UTC on Friday of the round to be played. Sooner the better as this allows us to get casters notified.

  3. All teams be aware, you must be able to field a full 5 players at least 1 day during the week, M-F, and 1 day on the weekend Sat-Sun, with a range of hours (reasonable to the time zone of another team). Games for APJ and NA/EU are hard to schedule and we understand but please be respectful of each other and time zones. This is a minimum standard and DOES NOT eliminate the possibility of your team being forfeited upon staff determination if a compromise still can not be reached.

  4. Matches can be played below the player limit if necessary (4v4, 3v3 or 5v4 etc) and both teams agree to it! That does not mean if you show up with 4 players a team is required to drop to 4v4. This is a courtesy and this is a competitive environment.

  5. Matches must start within 5 minutes of agreed time (unless there is no caster, then 10 minutes are allotted). If the match does not start within the allotted time, the Team that has held up the match will lose points. If a team must forfeit, a score penalty will be assessed.

  6. 5 Minute rest between rounds max- we need to keep streams rolling and viewers engaged. Please contact the caster between rounds and communicate so we can provide the best viewership.

  7. In the event of a server crash, match will be restarted - it’s an unfortunate thing that happens and there is no better solution.

  8. League staff is here to assist with any concerns or questions but it is not the leagues responsibility to schedule match ups for teams. Once again, no team is expected to have to play where the match would continue to midnight or later in their time zone unless they choose to. Teams found to consistently create unreasonable scheduling issues among others will be warned and further penalties possibly enforced if issues persist.